The Darknet is currently being tried in many media to explain. Because these “common networks” are supposed to be related to illegal activities. But there are networks that have been closed for years that can only be used by certain people, this is not typically “illegal”.

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An example of a well-known “Darknet” would be the “Intranet” of a company, in which ONLY employees who have access to their own network can obtain information.

In this context it can be said that there are many “darknets” or “hidden networks”. Even the German Bundestag operates such a secure network for members of parliament!

Because “The Darknet” is so to speak a “collection of web pages, which are released or attainable only for certain users”.



Empire Market is currently the largest Darknet marketplace in terms of number of customers and sellers, as well as product numbers. The Empire Market is strongly based on the formerly largest of all marketplaces – Alphabay Market.

The fact that this can also be achieved via a conventional Internet connection is often in the nature of things. There are different possibilities to operate “hidden networks”, i.e. networks which cannot be found via search engines or which are only reserved for certain users. Authentication as a user can be done using various methods such as “username/password” or only for users who have connected to a specific network via a VPN connection.

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Samsara Market is regarded as the successor of the well-known Dream Market, which ran stable for more than 7 years and customers as well as salespeople appreciate it and disappeared without Exit Scam – more fairness is simply not possible.

This is a growing list of some of the most popular dark kneading or darkweb market links and mirrors. It mainly consists of Darknet or Darkweb markets with different flavors.

None of the links or addresses on this site may implicitly be trusted, and the fact that a market has been listed on this site is not evidence of the trustworthiness or validity of that market. Nor is the fact that a market is listed an endorsement. Would you trust links found in the hidden wiki? No. Are the pages in the Hidden Wiki supported by the Hidden Wiki? No. Treat these markets like the markets you would find on a random list of darkweb market links. Because that’s what this list is. The difference is that I maintain updated links, remove confiscated websites,

The most recently added markets in which new markets are listed after the review are listed below. These include markets that are still waiting to be reviewed (this website receives many enquiries and some of the markets are dead if we have a chance to see if the onion address is valid or not). And among them are dead, confiscated or fraudulent marketplaces.

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Empire Market

The World Wide Web can be divided into Clear Net and Deep Internet. Clear Net are the pages and content that can be captured by search algorithms like Google. The Deep WWW are for example the intranets, which are not averse only after Logins or after payment. And part of this deep web, an encrypted part, is called hidden services: That’s what Darknet is all about. In reality the Darknet consists of different networks. There are e.g. I2P-(Invisible WWW Project) or the Tor network. And to get access to this hidden content, you need software like the Tor browser, with which you can surf the regular network anonymously, as well as get an account to these marketplaces in Darknet. In the Tor network all pages end on.onion, “Onion” stands for the onion principle.

This is a wild combination of letters and numbers, which simply doesn’t make any sense, nevertheless the fundamental is.onion. Is there also a bit in the darknet that is not illegal? The name Darknet is misleading, because in concrete terms it only says that the contents are hidden, but it says nothing about whether they are forbidden by criminal law or not. The user account is legal, but the content is hidden. The technology can be used in a variety of ways. It is essential, first and foremost, to preserve people’s privacy, their anonymity, where they are oppressed or where they do not have the option to express their opinions freely. How difficult is it to surf Darknet? Do I need to be able to code or have any other computer skills? Yes, you have to brief yourself.

The answer to this question lies in the target group of such marketplaces. It is mainly young, male, acceptably educated people in Europe, North America and Australia who buy all intoxicants there. In Darknet you surf anonymously. So is your real identity guaranteed in any case? Do you hectically budget for those researches, do you also order narcotics and how far do you go in your research? I go so far as to observe market events on the one hand and conduct anonymous online interviews with clients and traders on the other. I don’t order anything. Nevertheless, I am not aware of any country where it would be legal to order something with research funds! The most important thing is to build trust. As in any normal interview, however, it is about communicating to the Internet partner that I am not the police instead of doing research, and with what interest I do research. If you look at the figures on how many people use the digital marketplaces, are you already prominent there? And if you write them down, do you ask the dealers how much it costs? The interesting thing is that I don’t have to ask Darknet what it costs, because I have that information on the marketplace accurately in the way you know it from Amazon Marketplace or Ebay. Yes, there are not many scientists who deal with this topic in this way.

In Europe there are five and multinationally there are approximately fifteen researchers who deal with drug markets in Darknet from different disciplinary opportunities, and I am one of them. Now your findings would be extremely exciting for the executive. What is your research mission and what is your goal? The criminal investigation authorities are concerned with identifying perpetrators and confiscating narcotics. I want to understand how the markets work. How is trust established in an anonymous environment where one person does not know who the other business partner is? How are problems solved and how does the logistics chain work? I have noticed that the postman involuntarily becomes a drug courier. Simply because the orders are truly delivered home or to a targeted address via the Darknet using regular parcel and delivery services. Instead, you can order narcotics in the same way that you can order shoes or a television set via the World Wide Internet. Consumers are less likely to come into contact with violence than if they buy a little on the street or inside a strange trader.

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The class of narcotics is relatively transparent in these marketplaces because dealers compete with each other. Normally this behaves in this way, that via the darknet the drug quality is higher than on the street, and the price is also higher than on the material market. These crypto markets offer an opportunity for a drug policy that focuses on decriminalisation. The risk of consequential damage from contaminated narcotics is lower. Nevertheless, the will is needed to pursue a progressive policy of decriminalising drug users, with appropriate accompanying measures. Because in Darknet, for example, there is no age restriction. A seven-year-old child can also order drugs as a 17-year-old woman can. In Darknet, child pornography and weapons are also traded. Do such offers come under you in the same way? Since the beginning of this phenomenon of marketplaces in Darknet, where drugs are sold – in the research community we say crypto markets because they are encrypted markets that use technological means to conceal the identity and whereabouts of the users – the drug community has been completely separate from, for example, the child pornography community. In other words, no child pornography material is and must be distributed in any form, i.e. passed on, in the marketplaces where intoxicants are traded.