So you are about to read how to commit felonies and reduce the risk of getting caught. While nobody except you and reddit knows what exact pages you visit on reddit, it is strongly recommended to not use your default browser for any DNM related reddit activities. For example your browser could store the visited sites in his history and somebody else sees it when using your computer. Or reddit sells the account data it has collected from you to other companies (e.g. for advertising purposes) and so others know that you are very interested in buying illegal drugs online. Reddit also tracks you across different sites and links your different identities (e.g. your facebook account) together so they might even get your real name at some point.

Empire Market


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It is extremely easy to protect yourself so that nobody knows that you even know about Darknet Markets. So please take a look at the following chapter and follow the advice on there. It would be a shame if something that trivial ends up getting you prosecuted, wouldn’t it?


About video tutorials

There are also video tutorials available but it is not recommended to use them. There are several reasons for that:

You compromise your OpSec when watching them because youtube for example knows that you are interested in buying drugs online (since you can not watch youtube videos in the Tor browser, but you can easily read this guide using the Tor browser).

They also miss a lot of crucial aspects that you need to know when buying.

They are not cross checked by many community members like the DNM bible but just produced by one single person and then published.


Using Reddit with Tor What is Tor?

If you have not heard about Tor yet or are not very familiar with it, please take a few minutes to read this interesting explanation of it. It is absolutely crucial that you understand it, because the whole guide builds on that knowledge.

Note: the Tor network not only allows you to browse normal, clearnet sites (like but also onion-sites (also called hidden services). These are special websites which allow the visitor and the operator of that special website (the hidden service) to stay anonymous. So nobody knows the identity of each other. The DNMs you will use later in this guide are an example for such a hidden service.


About using reddit

You can log in and browse Reddit with all JavaScript (a programming language that can be used to de-anonymize you) blocked, but replying to comments or voting will not work. Unfortunately you also need to enable JavaScript for viewing Selfposts on NSFW marked subreddits (like /r/DarkNetMarkets or /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs). However you can avoid that by using this Add-on. If you need to post replies to comments or make posts, follow the instructions in this article.

Empire Market

Empire Market Onion Link:




Set security slider to high

The first thing you should do every time when you start the Tor browser is to set the security slider to high. That disables Javascript globally and does some other security enhancements.

When using the Tor browser on Tails you will have to do this every time you boot Tails again, because you can only store bookmarks for your Tor browser, but no other Tor browser configuration files.


Whitelist on NoScript

Now when the above is done, click on the “S” symbol in the top left of the Tor browser and select “Options” fromt eh drop down menu. Then switch to the “Appearance” tab and:

• check the checkbox for “Temporarily allow”, and

• uncheck the checkboxes for “Allow scripts globally (dangerous)” and “About NoScript”

Now confirm the new settings by clicking on “OK”. The you just have to go to, click on the “S” symbol again and click on the drop down menu entry “Temporarily allow”.

Done! You can now create an account and make posts, write comments and vote with that account.


Solving the captchas

On reddit and other sites Tor users usually have to solve captchas at some point, especially for account creation or sending a PM (actions that are being abused often by spammers). You should be able to solve it by having enabled JavaScript for the site you are currently on (not globally or allow all scripts for this site, just if you are on reddit for example). Google’s so called reCAPTCHA is a special captcha where you have to select certain images. It should work with the above steps but sometimes you get an error like “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. “To protect our users,we can’t process your request right now.”

They usually come right at the beginning when trying to solve the captcha. However to circumvent it simply get a new identity with the Tor browser button on the top left. You may have to do this a few times but eventually it should work. If you did it several times and it is still not working, wait some time and try again later. It should only be a matter of time to get around that error.


Account Creation

It is highly encouraged to create a new account for browsing, commenting and posting on darknetmarket related subreddits.
If you are still not convinced to create a new account take a look at snoopsnoo and check out how much information is publicly available about your account.

Note: although it currently looks like you need an email address for the account creation, you can just skip it by clicking the “Next” button. The same goes for choosing the 5 default subs you want to subscribe to at the beginning.


Post Account Creation

Go to your account preferences and:

• check the option “I am over eighteen years old and willing to view adult content”
• uncheck the option “label posts that are not safe for work (NSFW)”
• uncheck the option “make my votes public”
• uncheck the option “allow my data to be used for research purposes”
• check the option “don’t allow search engines to index my user profile”
• uncheck the option “allow reddit to log my outbound clicks for personalization”
• go to this page, uncheck all the checkboxes and click on the ‘save options’ button.

By the way: you can see your past logins. When you use Tor this will just be a long list of different IP Addresses and no identifying information about you. However you should assume that reddit stores much more data than just the data shown to you.

Empire Market

Empire Market Onion Link:



• Don’t post information that can be used to identify you.
• Don’t log into the account outside of Tor.

If your account is shadowbanned due to a bad Tor node, you can message and request the admins to remove the ban/shadowban on your account. If you are not sure if your account is shadowbanned, make a post on /r/ShadowBan.



Please note that you need an extra free line between two of your paragraphs so that they get displayed as such. So just press enter twice after a sentence and you will write the future text in a new paragraph. That means it should look something like this:

paragraph 1 <free line here> paragraph 2

Also if you want to reply to a comment, please click on the “reply” link directly under that comment and then type the answer in the newly appeared field. That way the user you are replying to gets a notification and can answer to your new comment.

Do you want to add more information to your initial post? Instead of making a new comment in your thread, click on the “edit” link directly under the text from your post, add the info you want and then confirm with save.


Mentioning usernames

To mention users, you have to write them like this: /u/wombat2combat[+1] so the targeted user gets a notification that he got mentioned. These notifications are turned on by default but keep in mind that they can also be turned off (although you should not do it if there is no good reason for it).

If you do the username mentions it the text of a selfpost (a post on reddit which just contains text, like this one), users will never get notified though. Therefore you have to do it in comments.

But if you mention more than three users in one comment (with ‘/u/username’, writing their names normally like ‘username’ is okay), none of these users will get notified. So either mention three or less users in one comment or split the mentioning up into several comments.


Formatting PGP encrypted messages, signed messages or keys properly

To format PGP encrypted messages, signed messages or keys properly on reddit please follow these instructions.


Spotting possible shills

Shilling is an attempt by a user or vendor to discredit another person, promote their own product by acting like a satisfied customer, or any other attempt to raise or destroy business by using alternate accounts to pretend to be someone else. Here some tips on how to spot them.